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Supporting families beyond the fourth trimester

The nanny-connect is an extension of postpartum support. While the first 3 months (the fourth trimester) of parenthood may feel the most challenging, it can become more overwhelming for families once it's time for parents to return back to work.

Making the decision to return to work after having a baby is always tough on parents. Over 50% of mother's return to work after maternity leave and need to find childcare, which isn't always easy-- between the long waitlist for childcare centers or going through hundreds of nanny applications, it can become a frustrating and overwhelming process. That's why we created "nanny-connect", to connect families with reliable and professional nannies in the DC metro area. We handle all the vetting and screening to make finding a nanny easy for you.

Thinking of Hiring a Nanny? Let's Discuss Your Options

Types of nanny's


Full-time nanny's work 30-55+ hours per week.


Live-out nannies arrive at the family's home at the start of their shift and leave at the end of their shift.


Part-time nanny's work less than 30 hours per week.


Live-in nanny's are provided with a private room and bathroom in the family's home during the employment contract but still have a start and end time to their work shift.


Temporary nannies typically work short contracts of 2 to 6 months (max).

How Much is a Nanny?

Nanny rates vary and ultimately come down to the job requirements and minimum wage. It's important for families to understand that nanny rates are typically higher than daycare rates because nanny's are the sole provider of your child(ren) during work hours. They generally do not receive certain benefits such as health and dental insurance or 401k plans, work longer hours, and may be responsible for tasks that include laundry, meal preparation and errand runs. The rates included below are a guide, rates may be higher or lower, and are based on the number of children, responsibilities, and the nanny's experience and credentials.

Washington D.C. Nanny Rates

1-2 children: $18-25 per hour

Nanny Shares: $25-30 per hour

Maryland Nanny Rates

1-2 children: $15-22 per hour

Nanny Shares: $24-28 per hour

Virginia Nanny Rates

1-2 children: $15-23 per hour

Nanny Shares: $24-28 per hour

Families can expect to add $2-3 per hour for each additional child.

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Our Placement Process

  • Submit your inquiry

  • Schedule your consultation

  • Pay your non-refundable registration fee

  • Your job goes live

  • Review nanny profiles

  • Schedule your virtual interview

  • Schedule your working interview

  • Make an offer

  • Pay your placement fee

  • Sign your nanny employment contract

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