Mama’s Birth & Recovery Package (Birth and Postpartum)

Every mama deserves to feel empowered and supported during and after pregnancy. With our
birth & recovery package, your team of doulas will work together throughout your pregnancy to
ensure an amazing experience during labor and delivery, and support you immediately after
childbirth to help you smoothly transition into this beautiful stage of motherhood.

Gender Reveal

Work closely with our creative director and party planner for the special reveal of your bundle of
joy. Whether you and your partner plan to do the reveal solo or amongst family & friends, we
can help bring your vision alive for this special moment.

Pediatric Sleep Consultation

We provide comprehensive sleep consulting services, to guide and support families in overcoming the particular challenges faced with getting their little one to fall asleep and back tosleep, independently. Together, we will create a personalized plan to implement healthy nap and bedtime routines, positive reinforcement, and a sleep coaching method that aligns with your family's needs; helping your little one build the confidence they need to fall asleep on their own. When your little one sleeps, everyone sleeps and we can help!

Brother's Kiss

Special Packages